Language Educaion, Training Service

Language Educaion, Training Service

Chinese conversation and culture training for shopping streets and retailers who want to promote inbound-related sales

  • Training Menu
    • Necessary conversation for inbound business
    • Merchandise Description
    • Role Playing
    • Latest trend for tourists from abroad
    • Service manner of the staffs
  • Suitable for
    • Executives and staffs for resort hotels or Japanese hostelries
    • Executives and staffs for tourist association or shopping streets unions
    • Person in charge of tourist-related business in local governments

Business Chinese Conversation & Training

  • Training Menu
    • Conversation for overseas business trip/negotiation
    • Examination preparation for the Test of Chinese Proficiency
    • Business manner in servicing Chinese tourists
    • Chinese social/economic trends
  • Suitable for
    • People who planning for business trip or residing in China
    • People who planning to receive Test of Chinese Proficiency
    • People who want to know about latest social conditions in China

Study sessions or training for people who want to become interpreters and translators

  • Training Menu
    • Study session for Japanese-Chinese business translation
    • Study session for Computer aided translation tools and other necessary IT skills
    • Study sessions on rules and business etiquette as translators and interpreters
  • Suitable for
    • People who want to become freelance translators or interpretors

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