Company Name Transbridge Co.,Ltd
Name of Representative Yiping Song
Capital 3,000,000Yen
Established on August 2015
Telephone Number 043-330-3023
Contact Mail
Address 6F Fujimi Building,
2-7-9 Fujimi, Chuoku, Chiba City, Chiba, Japan
Zip Code 260-0015

Traffic Guide
About 3 minutes walk from JR Chiba Station and Keisei Chiba Station

Business Business Translation, Interpretation, Copy Writing
Multi-language Contents Construction, Translation, Operation
Language Education, Training
Social Media Marketing

Story Behind the Company Name

trans is originally a Latin prefix meaning to cross, to go over, and the opposite side.
Modern English has many words that use trans.
For example, one of the main businesses of Trans Bridge is translation, which originally meant to cross to the other side.
Other examples include transcend, transcontinental, trans-science, etc. Translating and interpreting between different languages can solve communication problems, connect people’s hearts, and build bridges between different cultures. This is exactly what Trans Bridge wishes to achieve.

CEO Message

After graduated from English literature department in a Chinese university, I worked as an English teacher for a couple of years before coming to Japan.

After studying in graduate school of Ochanomizu University, I got a master’s degree in International Relationship studies in 2003.

Then I worked as a project manager in a major translation company in Tokyo, and took part in various cases for multi-language translation & localization projects. Thanks to the experience in the company, I acquired rich practical experience and quality awareness in the business.

In 2009 I became a freelance Chinese translator & interpreter. I was able to acquire deep trust from all my customers for my rich experience and reliable quality in my work.

I studied Chinese, English and Japanese and their cultures throughout my undergraduate and graduate education, and then have worked for over ten years in the translation industry. In my experience, I felt that there was much demand for companies to expand their business internationally. I hope to apply my own international background and extensive experience in the multilingual field to support SME’s international promotion and in-bound / out-bound business development, improve their business results, and contribute to the local community.

Media:“Yururi” Magazine issued by Chiba City Industrial Promotion Foundation, number of Nov-Dec, 2015